Monday, 29 September 2008

Glass lapmshades

Heather Gillespie is a glass artist. These cut glass lampshades are just fantastic. Wonder how would they look in porcelain?


I love the lighting pieces by Jo Davies. What a superb use of curves. The vase and sculpture are also interesting, but I think lamps are just gorgeous.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

My ceramics pieces

Inspired by the The Green Lotus Leaf Collection from Chintz & Company, here is my spin on the idea. Retro doilies.
I am very happy with initial effect. They look great after bisque firing. I am not sure about the colour scheme yet. I am thinking about greens or whites, or maybe a mixture of these two. I do not know. I have spent whole today session on glazing and colouring and used all of those doilies as the test pieces with different oxides, glazes and slips, hopefully I will be able to see some results next week!

Also need to think about the way of fixing them to the wall. I tried some Velcro thingy... but I do not trust the stuff... I fixed my daughter's memo board with it and it fell. I do not want to risk that!

The proces of doily making:

Bisque fired pieces, coloured prior to firing.

My ceramics pieces

The butterfly bowl. The green is too vivid for my liking and the undarglaze pencil colouring got tottaly lost, but I am happy. This is my ever piece I made, my first bowl and I am proud of it.

My brolly stand. The colours worked well, although I am not overjoyed with the dripping effect. The long drips should be thicker, than it would look better. Also the stand itself should be taller.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Batucada eco jewellery

Batucada jewellery is made from eco plastic - rubber like material that is durable and flexible but feels silky on a skin. This jewellery collection has some tatoo quality, especialy the butterfly chocker. Very chick, very French, very vavavoom.

Patchwork artwork

These are wonderful pieces from Squint, the East London based shop started by Lisa Whatmough a former Sculptor and Painter, who initially wanted to to showcase the antique textiles she had been collecting.

Sofas will set you back £4000, mirors £1200, lampshade 'just' £150, but aren't just fabulous?!

Thursday, 18 September 2008

You eat what you touch

Client: Lifebuoy Handwash
Agency: Lowe Indonesia
Photographer: Jeremy Wong

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Damien Hirst's auction

record £111 million.

i am not sure what to think about his work. some pieces i love,

Anatomy of an Angel

The Kingdom

some i find pointless, too obvious, too straight to the point.

Up in a puff of smoke

an auction is a good idea to bypass the galleries, but one thing truly annoyed me:

"Banks fall over, art triumphs," former Royal Academy chief Norman Rosenthal

what an effing cheek

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