Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Ceramic Voyages - Ceramic Art London 2010 - A to H

Lately I hate everything I make in the studio. Even if the beginnings are promising, the end result is just... crap (pardon my French, but i am really frustrated with myself). So yet again, no update on my work.

Ceramic Art London is coming soon, so I had a peek at the exhibitors. A to H.

Duncan Ayscough - fantastic glazes. Do I really need to say more? Especially the last rounded pot seems to radiate with gold from within.

more Duncan Ayscough ceramic

Peter Beard - brilliant mix of colour and texture. I adore his sculptures. The combination of colours and the precision with which they are applied is fantastic. If I am not mistaken I have read somewhere that the effect is achieved by using silicon filler.

more Peter Beard's pieces

Matthew Chambers - his work has been fascinating me for ages. It reminds me of Chinese puzzles. Elegant, simple, yet quite complex.

more Matthew Chambers work
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