Wednesday, 18 March 2009

My ceramic pieces - plate disaster - part 2

I give up. This mould obviously will not work. No chance in hell. It went pancake again, even though this time I made it from crank and made sure a layer is really thick. OK, I admit that my "thick" is often not thick enough, but still... a pancake?! To top that the oxides went brown... and why did they went brown?... because I have used matt instead of gloss. I am the only one in a studio that uses matt, so only my dandelion test showed that oxide with matt just do not work. So here it is, brown tacky colour instead of strong greens and blues. Great! Oh joy of ceramics!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

My ceramic pieces - Umbrella stand, take 2

I had decided that my first umbrella stand was too wide and too small, so I have to make a new one. I am quite happy with it, although next time I would spend more time smoothing a crank (memo to me; wet rubber kidney works like a charm!). I have managed to smooth most of the bumps and make it quite symmetrical - and trust me, this is a huge achievement for me; for some reason me and symmetry do not go together. The tool I used to shave off extra clay, I think is usually used by builders. It looks and works as grater. I absolutely love it, the only minus is it leaves a surface quite ... rustic for better word. Nice texture really, just not what I was looking for in this project. I was hoping a spraying with white slip would help the matters, but improvement wasn't great.

So far I did not really decorate my pieces, going for more of the shape, than a colour, but now I wanted something pink. After a bit more investigation into mixing glazes - oh blessed naivety! - I had to forfeit. I will definitely want to learn more about glazing and mixing glazes, but definitely not on raspberry pink. The amount of elements that had to be prepared from scratch is just frightening. And I haven't even asked if it was a reduction or oxidation, what temperatures should apply.

Luckily my test piece turned out almost as I wanted, so I've compromised. I have used chrome oxide on white slip and then sprayed it with white gloss glaze - I have to admit, I do not remember its proper name (memo to me - ask Stephen!). I would much rather go for the matt option, but matt does not work out... or rather turns everything to brown. The thickness of the chrome mixture has no true impact on an intensity of colour.

So here it is, looking great... so far. On a second test piece I made, I have noticed, that a white gloss, needs to be quite thick or chrome will turn brownish colour. I am going to cry, if it gets ruined!

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