Monday, 29 June 2009

My ceramic pieces - 2 bowls

I have tried to make a similar bowl to the plate made by A Plate A Week .
I love the simplicity of it, although I must say that I am not happy with my results, so this bowl is a test piece. I have resprayed it hoping for clearer lines. If this will work, I think i will make a series of bowls like this, with bananas, apples, kiwi, etc. Another bowl turned to test piece. One of these days I will make something that I am happy with. The decorating technique worked this time, but I am not happy with the texture. It is way to "rough" and prominent in the areas where stems were thick and strong. Not too keen on it, although S seems to like it. I have resprayed it with four different semitranslucent glazes, to see what effect may be achieved. I will definitely redo this bowl, as the effect is brilliant.

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